I fixed my joint pains by drinking GREEN SMOOTHIES and doing ISOMETRIC STRETCHING!

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My typical green smoothie is a banana, an apple, about 1-2 cups of greens, 2 cups of water blended in my home blender. (A $45 blender works fine.) Any green smoothie will work; any store bought green drink works: Odwalla or Naked Juice drinks are just fine. Jamba juice green drinks are great too. My favorite greens for my joints are cilantro and parsley, these are reported to clean out the kidneys. All greens seem to chelate metals like calcium, while yet providing minerals for the body. Chloryphyll is a chelator, and it has a magnesium molecule in the center.

An Isometric stretch is when you first stretch the muscle, and then, while it's still being stretched, flex it for 6 seconds.

I did this once a week, and over 4 weeks, I and my friend, fixed all our joint pains. It works amazingly well, and its free.

The important thing is to do both things at once; the greens then the stretching. Drink any drink made with greens on an empty stomach, and right away, start isometric stretching. I know I need to do both at once, because after drinking green drinks for 2 years, I still had joint pain on the outside of my knee. I had to figure out how to do an IT band stretch for the knee and not the hip, and then, after the very first time I did this, while drinking a green smoothie, that sharp stinging pain that could nearly collapse my entire leg while walking up steps, never happened ever again. Then, it took about 2 months of stretching that one part of my knee, until I could not even make it hurt so good from stretching it, it was so pain free. Now, 8 months later, my knee has remained fixed and pain free, but I stretch it less than once a month!

Here is my half hour video of my showing how to do isometric stretches for your entire body: (It's the first link at google if you search for "green smoothies isometric stretching"):

I discovered this specific food and exercise, GREENS AND STRETCHING, need to be done only once a week, and relieved all my muscle and joint pain and arthritis in my lower back that I had since I was 18, eliminated pain everywhere in my body, and has encouraged me to start lifting heavy weights in the gym again at age 45!

I only had to do this food/exercise combo ONCE A WEEK!

--My food/exercise combo fixed 25 years of chronic pain and back ache from arthritis from osteomyolitis bone infection in my lower back.
--My food/exercise combo fixed a nagging left elbow pain for 13 years from a weightlifting injury; an 80 pound dumbbell crashed on my chest while doing a decline chest press.
--My food/exercise combo fixed my dull aching "flat feet" problem that would plague me and flare up during "long" walks, such as food shopping, or mall walking. My flat feet bothered me since age 16!
--My food/exercise combo fixed my tight hip flexors that made doing the lunge hold extremely painful; they were tight from years of alpine ski racing.
--My food/exercise combo fixed my right lateral knee that was mysteriously giving me occasional sharp pains in the last few years when I would walk up stairs.
--My food/exercise combo has nearly fixed my grossly popping right shoulder that I fell on numerous times while ski racing. Still working on this one!
--My food/exercise combo fixed my aching and popping knees that would kill me during deep knee bends, probably also from years of ski racing, and years of 1000+ pound leg presses in the gym.

I never quite knew I was such a wreck until the pains started going away and were banished completely! I never knew the fix would be so simple, so powerful, and so effective for my whole body, everwhere, no matter what the original cause was; whether infection, injury, arthritis, or flat feet!

Many people suffer some kind of arthritis or joint pain or chronic pain AND I FEEL I DISCOVERED THE CURE! AT LEAST, IT WORKED, AND IS STILL WORKING, FOR ME AND MY FRIEND!

More impressively, it helped my 66 year old friend who could BARELY WALK WITH A CANE, who, a month later, after four easy workouts while eating the certain food, he could QUICKLY WALK ABOUT A MILE no problem.

Being pain free after so many years is amazing. You don't know how much pain you can tolerate and will tolerate because you just get used to it, until after it's quickly banished!

For several months after we cleaned out our joint pain, my friend and I still moved with caution; we were always afraid we would be hurting ourselves, and we just never did. We often laughed about it, because it felt so funny. We banished our joint pains so fast, it was like our brains took a while to catch up to our new mobility! This summer, we went to the river and were climbing over rocks and doing things that used to either feel impossible or just really hurt all over.

"The exact cause of Psoriatic arthritis is still a mystery and it has no cure" Since Modern Medicine ADMITS IT HAS NO CURE FOR ARTHRITIS, it's up to you to figure out how to fix it; you can't rely upon them!

You have to take charge! You have to figure out your own solution, as I did! If I can do it, maybe you can do it too!

I tell my story in several parts, in the linked pages below:




But GREEN SMOOTHIES AND ISOMETRIC STRETCHING were much better for me than those foods and exercises.

I have more great tips on how I beat my arthritis below, and it helps me understand a bit of why green smoothies are so effective.





But let me give you another great free tip, not quite as good as my program of GREEN SMOOTHIES AND ISOMETRIC STRETCHING, and it has some problems, but it can work fast for emergency situations!


But there is still yet another freebie I will share with you, that can also banish arthritis pain. And it's almost like another side of the story; it's kind of like taking the opposite approach; because it's the "anti mineral": chelation.



Well, I hope you find this information helpful! Thanks for reading.

I have saved the best for last. I have a 7000 word essay or report that I was going to sell for $100. It's a much more detailed version of my story on how I fixed my joint pain. It details the first 3 exercises I used to blast joint pain out of my feet, out of my lower back, and out of my hip flexors. I show the 2 stretches I used to eliminate side hip and side knee pain. I discuss minerals in greater depth, and how I gained even greater strength and got even less joint pain by adding minerals back into my diet. Here is my story.

On Dec. 1st, 2015, I discovered I had a zinc deficiency. FIXING MY ZINC DEFICIENCY


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