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One of the best kinds of foods that I found previously (before I found something even better) was Acai juice and aloe vera juice. And when combining both of those juices, wow, you just know you are going to have a great, pain free day! I still use these juices!

Aloe Vera juice alone is amazing. I learned about this from another old man who was about 80 who I saw dancing around one day in a sandwich shop. I was suffering my own joint pain all through my body, everywhere, at the time, and I was amazed at his agility, and I asked him what it was that kept him so youthful. He replied enthusiastically about aloe vera juice! I said even the edges of my bones hurt like on the tips of my elbows or the knuckles of my hands, and in response, he took his knuckles and pounded on the table! I was shocked, as that would kill me. Aloe vera juice is amazing! It worked for me, (and still works, until I found something even better).

In fact, after writing this, I just had to pour myself a glass of aloe vera juice and acai juice, and do the five tibetans, in combination, just to see it work in real time. Sure enough, I feel so much better, it's great! The change is dramatic, and nearly instant.