My specific food/exercise combo (GREEN SMOOTHIES AND ISOMETRIC STRETCHING) is not out there, nobody is advertising this combination for arthritis pain!!! People recommend better diet, and exercise, for arthritis and joint pain and fibromyalgia yes, but I have looked and looked and I have not seen this combination, and nobody says to eat this particular food, and do this particular exercise at the same time, nobody!!!

I'm extremely disappointed with the quality of information available on arthritis at google.com. Most free web pages on "arthritis foods" seem to copy each other. And yet, many pages have contradictory information! How is that even possible in the information age? It's like we are still living in the dark ages with regard to human health information!

And the foods I found that worked the best for me and my friend, are just not even listed.

Even the second best foods that I found that worked are not listed in the top arthritis web pages, such as acai juice, aloe vera juice.

I'm also disappointed with the manner of presentation of information on these "top pages". Go there, and you will see "top 10 foods" splashed over 10 separate web pages filled with slow loading pictures.

CONTRADICTORY INFORMATION: I have lived with joint pain all my life. It was, and still is, maddening to me to read contradictory information.


Some will advocate heavy lifting with fewer repetitions, claiming that high reps can hurt the joints through too much wear and tear. Others will advocate lighter lifting with higher repetitions, claiming that heavy weights is what will hurt the joints by causing massive injuries and tears. Many will advocate low impact aerobics. Today, many are now saying to avoid long distance aerobic activity because it tears down the joints and is also not very good for fat loss. Some say running is good, others say it's bad. Who can you believe?

In the food area, it's not much better.


Some say milk products are necessary for the calcium and vitamin D to build the bones. Others say that people get relief after they eliminate all dairy products. What's up with that?

Some say to eat fish for the omega 3's. Others say to avoid all meat completely and go vegetarian.

Some say to eat nuts. Others say to avoid all nuts.

Some say to eat tomatoes and potatoes. Others say to avoid tomatoes and potatoes.

Some say to eat citrus. Others say to avoid citrus!

Some say to eat peppers and eggplant. Other say to avoid the nightshade plants of peppers, & eggplant.

Some say to eat whole grains, others say to avoid grains!

Less controversial, and more universally recommended are: Green Tea, Omega 3 fats, Berries, Tumeric, Garlic, Ginger, Vitamin D, Cruciferous vegetables, Olive Oil, parsley, pineapple, cherries.

Other supplements are samE and glucosamine and chondroitin.

Less controversial is also to recommend to avoid sugar. That seems like a no-brainer, except that people are addicted to it, and avoiding sugar is not quite as easy as reading a quick list of good and bad foods for arthritis. But even with sugar, some say to eat blackstrap molasses, which is basically sugar!

For Omega 3 oils, others usually recommend fish. They usually neglect to mention coconut oil, which is about 66% omega 3's, and grass fed beef butter (Kerry Gold brand) as a source of Omega 3's.

But none of the common and free nutritional advice really gets to the best thing I discovered which I am dying to share with you.

I'm also disappointed by what is not mentioned, that I also know works WONDERS FOR ARTHRITIS:

MAGNESIUM AND CHELATION! I would call these my top two arthritis busters, in addition to what I already shared, the aloe vera juice, acai juice, isometrics, and the five tibetans. I'll talk more about each of them in another section below.


You can google "arthritis foods" and still not find the very specific foods that worked for me and my friend in the top ten results.

You can google "arthritis exercise" and still not find the very specific exercises that worked for me and my friend.

You can google "arthritis diet and exercise" and come nowhere close to finding the specific combination that worked wonders for me and my friend.

Oh, people or doctors or web pages will say that you need a "better diet" and to "start exercise", but believe me, I've been trying that my whole life.