Chelation, through EDTA, cleans out all the minerals in the body, but particuarly, the toxic heavy metals. If you google "chelation arthritis" you will find that chelation works for arthritis.

Typically, the medical community will prescribe chelation, but only for heavy metal poisoning, like lead, mercury, or aluminum. (Mercury and aluminum are in vaccines, by the way, and chelation therapy is often said to be among the most effective of things for autistic kids, as their mothers have told me). But I think I know something better!

But getting back to my point, Doctors know chelation works to help the body eliminate metals. In fact, they know it works to eliminate metals so well, that they will even warn about the side effect, that of becoming mineral deficient from doing too much chelation.

So, if they know that chelation will help the body eliminate excess toxic minerals, and if they know that arthritis is a problem of the body depositing too many minerals in the joints, then why isn't chelation a standard form of temporary treatment for arthritis in the medical community? Go figure.

CHELATION WORKS FOR ARTHRITIS!!! At least, temporarily, and not without side effects.

Again, Chelation therapy is another "free" bit of advice, and it comes with a bit of problems, but there you go. It can "temporarily" banish arthritis pain for about 3-6 months, but again, you don't want to become mineral deficient.

I suppose one could cycle between chelation, and go back to colloidal minerals to prevent becoming mineral deficient, and that just might work for quite a few years...

But still, I'm confident that I know something so much better that I'm really dying to share with you, my food/exercise combination!

I first heard about chelation from another high income newsletter writer, we are all mavericks and independent thinkers. He said it helped him recover from heart problems, and I believe it. Clogged arteries are a build up of calcium and cholesterol, and if you help the body eliminate the calcium, then that can help the blood flow.

I first tried chelation suppositories, (Detoxamin brand) that were supposedly better than oral chelation pills and were supposed to rival the expensive IV chelation therapy. Sure enough, over time, this did work for my overall body aches and pains.

http://www.detoxamin.ca/ --now discontinued and shut down by the FDA in 2012!

After I ordered three bottles twice, for a total of $1434, and I decided that I just did not like it though. It didn't seem natural. It was expensive. EDTA is not natural, it's an artificial substance. And who likes suppositories? But that shows how desperate I was for pain relief myself. And again, due to the problems of too much chelation, you are only supposed to do it for up to three months, and then stop. Makes sense.