It was a bit of luck and a bit of experience, or perhaps preparation met with opportunity. I'm 45. My friend, aged 66, was in real trouble with his health. He was talking like he felt he had about two months to live. He was literally shopping for grave plots for himself. And he lived alone. That was over a year ago, in April, 2014.

I pledged to myself that if he was going to die, at least I would visit him once a week in his final days. Within a few visits, he started doing better, and made resolutions to improve his health. He quit coffee. He started tapering his pain medication. And then, he wanted to begin working out. So, I suggested the mildest exercise I could think of, and since he was a bachelor, I started bringing him the healthiest food I could think of, and we could do it together. Little did I know the combination would work wonders, for both of us!!! Who was I to know, I just tried my best, and I accidentally stumbled on a combination that worked a miracle!

Alone, the food is not that fantastic for pain relief, muscle pain, joint pain, or arthritis. It can take a year to get mild results. That's what I have read, and that's what it was like for me, in my first year! But I figured it was better than nothing, and I was getting results. That's how I stumbled upon great results with my friend.

Alone, the specific exercise is not that effective for what most people expect it to be able to do. The researchers don't know why it does not always work for people. In fact, sometimes, people who do certain exercises end up with joint pain, like I did in my athletic career. Bodybuilders often destroy their joints. Sprinters can destroy their joints. Long distance runners can destroy their joints. Yoga and stretching can also really over work the joints, too, especially after many years, problems can build up. So, what is the solution? I think I found it!

My theory is that if your joints are going bad, there has to be something wrong with your diet and/or body chemistry that is doing it. So, unless you change your diet, exercise alone is not going to fix it. If your blood is making your joints go bad, because your joints are already going bad, then pumping more blood, through exercise, any kind of exercise, might just make the joints worse!

Again, it's the combination of a specific food and a specific exercise that worked wonders for me and my friends. This food/exercise combo, for me, worked about 100 times faster and better than the food alone. And I think the food/exercise combo works about 10 times faster if you do it at the same time, than if you eat the food in the morning and then do the specific exercises in the evening, which was not nearly as effective for me when I was starting out. And finally, this food/exercise combo worked so much better than the specific exercise alone, which might not work at all, if the research out there is correct.