So let me reveal a bit more about how long I have been battling my own joint pains, and some limited success I had with magnesium. My mom developed arthritis about 14 years ago now. Her hands were hurting so bad that for about 6 months that she could barely drive, because she could not safely hold the steering wheel to her car. Within three days of trying magnesium, she was on her hands and knees holding a hammer and building a cabinet because she had not felt that good in years. Oh, it was not that easy, to get her to change, it went more like this, I'm trying to remember the conversation from 14 years ago:


I said, "Mom, why didn't you tell me this about your arthritis?

Mom: Well, you know, people don't want to hear about health problems.

Me: Mom, I can help, I've studied these things, tell me what you have been taking, what kind of pills, what are you eating?"

She told me, but oh, nothing unusual, just pain pills, like Tylenol, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen, and I have these antidepressants I'm taking for my fibromyalgia. (At the time, I didn't quite realize how dramatic the antidepressants can reduce brain power. My mom is a very smart woman, and the pills take a lot of that away.)

I'm thinking or saying next, "that does not sound right, you have to be taking calcium, most women your age typically do." "Mom, are you taking calcium?"

Mom: Oh yes, well, probably, I think I have been taking that, yes.

Me: Why didn't you mention it? I just asked you what you were taking?

Mom: Well, I don't know I just forgot.

Me: Ok. But how long have you been taking calcium?

Mom: Oh, about ten years.

Me: And how much?

Mom: Oh, about 1000 milligrams.

Me: You forgot to tell me, even though I asked you specifically, what pills you were taking, and yet you didn't forget to take your big calcium pills for ten years? Come on!

Mom: Well, I don't know, I thought you were asking me what I was taking for my arthritis, you know.

Me: Yes, I do know! How did I know to ask you specifically about taking calcium, but you don't mention it, even when I ask you what pills you are taking? Mom, listen carefully to me. You are taking too much calcium! It's building up in your joints and causing stiffness.

Mom: Hmm...mmmm... really?

Me: Yes, really! Stop taking calcium now!

Mom: But I need it to sleep at night. The calcium helps me sleep.

Me: Oh my God! Mom, it's not helping you any more, it's hurting you, can't you see that?

Mom: Well, um, maybe. But I need it, osteoporosis prevention, because I'm an older woman, you don't know anything about that because you are a young man.

Me: "Actually, I did, that's why I knew to ask you what you were taking, and specifically, if you were taking calcium, because I figured you were, because of osteoporosis concerns. I've actually read all about it. A better solution is weight bearing exercise to build bone density, I know that from my bodybuilding research, but I know you are not ready for that now, because you are in too much pain. Mom. Listen to me. I have read that magnesium helps keep calcium in solution, so it does not precipitate out and make deposits into your joints. Try taking 1000 milligrams of magnesium every day for a while until you clean out the extra calcium build-up in your hands. Look, mom, this will work. Look, look at my feet. I had calcium spurs on my feet, around my ankles and heels from my ski boots from ski racing. One summer, I started taking magnesium to help dissolve them. It totally worked and my spurs went away. I'm the only ski racer that I know that ever did that. A lot of the other guys have had them surgically removed. So, magnesium works for this, to dissolve calcium deposits in the body. So, it will work for your hands, too! Just try it, ok? Ok? Promise me?"

It's like I had to pull her teeth out to get her to try it. Next day. "Mom, did you take your calcium or not, did you take your magnesium or not? What specifically did you take?"

Mom: Well, I took half the calcium I normally do, and a bit of the magnesium you suggested, see my calcium pills have some magnesium. I read the labels you know, I'm no dummy!

Me: Ok, how much of each?

Mom: Oh, let's see here, let me fetch the bottle, 500 milligrams of calcium, 250 milligrams of magnesium.

Me: And is that what you normally take?

Mom: Yes, but I normally take two. Today, I only took one! Aren't you proud of me?!

Me: Mom, why are you not listening to me? I said stop taking all calcium, and start taking 1000 milligrams of magnesium.

Mom: I am listening. I changed my routine, one pill instead of two.

Me: Oh my God, mom, that's not going to help. Those pills are what is causing your arthritis! Look, you have to change it up if you want to change things in your body, don't you see that?! Please listen, your body probably has 50-100 extra pills worth of calcium in your body. It's being deposited by your body into your hands because you are taking more than your body can excrete. For the love of God, stop taking all calcium for a few days, you are not going to die without it for just a few days, please, just try this, ok? Please? I'm not trying to hurt you, I love you, that's why I'm telling you this? Do you believe me enough to just try it my way for a few days, that's all I'm asking.

Mom: Well, ok. I do have these magnesium only pills here. I'll take one.

Me: Let's look at the bottle. Ok, it's a 250 milligram pill. Take 4 of them.

Mom: But, but, why four?

Me: Mom, oh my God, how many years have you taken calcium to excess? And you think you can fix it with one 250 milligram pill in one day? I'm not saying to take 1000 milligrams of magnesium for the rest of your life, just make this change for a few days to change things up a bit.

Mom: Ok. I'll take 4.

Me: Mom, thank God. Ok, I have to warn you though. Your body will experience some changes. Change is good, that's what we want! You might have diarrhea at first. You know, they make that milk of magnesia stuff to help you go? And they market magnesium citrate as a laxative? Well, this is magnesium.

Mom: That actually sounds nice, I'm probably just a bit constipated.

Me: Right. Figures.

It was unbelievable how difficult it was to get her to change. And I'm her son! But it worked, dramatically well. Within 3 days, her arthritis in her hands that was plaguing her for six months, was gone! Her hands totally stopped hurting, and she was good as new! She was building that cabinet with a hammer I told you about. In 3 days!!!

Unfortunately, about a month later, she got edema, swelling of the legs, and doctors said it was from too much magnesium. Finally! LOL! And so, we both learned a bit about how to balance things.

Did I not tell her she just needed the high dose of magnesium for a few days, not make a lifetime change forever!? It pushed her out of balance the other way, in a month.

Unfortunately, too much of any mineral can be bad for you. Too much calcium, and you can get arthritis. Too much magnesium, and you can get edema, and/or zinc deficient. Too much zinc, and you can get copper deficient. And it's probably like this with all the minerals.

So, even though magnesium supplement pills are like a miracle cure in my mom's case, and helped me with bone spurs, it obviously has its problems and limitations. I would not feel confident in marketing "magnesium", despite how incredibly effective it was for my mom's arthritis, fixing it in 3 days like it did!

For a while, I took colloidal minerals; because you can get up to 72 different minerals, in liquid suspension. And I still do, from time to time. But I found something better! No, not chelated minerals, but those can also help, from time to time.

The problem with minerals is the need to take them in balance is why I turned to herbs, and developed my own herbal formula, (which I will mention a bit later) because herbs are high in minerals. But I found something even better!

What I particularly like about sharing my story about magnesium supplements is that, first, I'm happy to share that for free. And obviously, not everyone will order.

But it goes to show you how confident I am in my program that it is something significantly better than magnesium supplements!

Also, magnesium is not even mentioned in any of the top ten web pages at google for "arthritis foods", and that's a real shame. They all mention plenty of other supplements in the food articles, but not this mineral. It's almost like it's suppressed, because it works too well? It also goes to show I know what I'm talking about, and have been looking for solutions for years for myself.