I can tell you that I think my special food is better than magnesium, better than a broad spectrum mineral supplement, better than chelation, better than acai juice, better than aloe vera juice, better than cherries, better than the many foods that are "controversial" for arthritis. It's actually one of the foods recommended for arthritis, and it's a way to take it for more optimal results.

I don't care too much why it works, I just know that it does. I believe I might know a bit of why it works, and it makes sense, but I elaborate more on that in my program. But really, how can anyone truly know what food does in the body? Food consists of 1000's of substances, and we humans are really are just so ridiculously limited in our understanding of these kinds of things.

Perhaps western medicine goes the wrong direction when it tries to isolate food substances and turn them into drugs; perhaps we need everything together as God made things, for a more powerful effect. Maybe God already provided for our needs, and we just had to discover that.

I have diligently searched for others who may be teaching about what I discovered. There is very little. There is very little, or even no research, and why would there be? Occasionally, after long searching, I will see others say that this certain food is good for arthritis and joints, and that is more common, but they don't recommend the specific exercises, and they say it takes about a year to get results from the food alone. That's fairly poor results if you ask me.

Those who promote the specific exercise I found, and there is more actual scientific research on this, are left baffled as to why it does not always work; because they assume it should work, but the exercise alone, by itself, does not always work.

But I found the combination works wonders. Instead of taking a year, I have banished pain from a very peculiarly difficult to reach part of my body in ONE WORKOUT when I figured out how to apply the very specific exercise movement, after having eaten my very specific kind of food. Then, after two months of application, I could not even make this formerly painful and sore part of my body ever hurt anymore; it literally became almost superhuman by way of comparison. Usually, it takes longer than one workout, as I said, it took 4 workouts, one workout a week, over a month, to banish, about 95% of the pain in our bodies, among my friend and me, when we discovered this combination.